2 Home Inspectors 1 House

I went to set up my radon test(s) for the home I am scheduled to do an inspection on Monday. To my surprise my client was there and they were having it inspected by another company.

She states she wants to have both inspections so nothing is missed.

The client is extremely cautious as they have a small child that has health issues.

They rehabbed the home recently. She is having 2 home inspections, A mold inspection, 2 radon tests(Wanted 3) and a WDI inspection.

I told the client you really do not need 2 home inspectors. You should place your trust in one or the other. (She is not using the Realtor inspector) (Realtors are both tired of dealing with her and her agent did not show for the 1st inspection)

Now she insists I do the general inspection on Monday! I reluctantly agreed.

She stated one item the other inspector had stated to her. “The air conditioner is to big”

Now I was curious and looked at the data plate. 3 ton system, 2 story house with a recently finished basement.

My 1st question is when did general inspectors start determining the size and adequacy of the cooling system? To many variables that need to be properly calculated by the trained HVAC specialist. (Insulation, windows, square footage)

2nd question. See poll.

No-way Josie. Either she is wanting out of the contract, has devious intentions or she is just plain paranoid. I personally would decline.


I would do the inspection.

I never claim to be perfect and explain to the customer that a home inspection will reduce risks in purchasing a property and not eliminate it.

Can’t blame the client for being cautious, it is usually the biggest purchase of their life.

Now, if only they all could afford two, three inspections:D:D

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Is she having you do all the Radon tests & at different times?

Most here know how I feel about the mold issue. I wouldn’t even begin to go there.

Sounds like a great idea upfront. More work for all inspectors. Until you end up in court with one inspector being pitted against the other.

Usually the motto is “Buyer beware” In this case I would say “Inspectors beware”.

If you do the inspection. - CYA

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I am doing both radon tests at the same time. My client actually wanted another monitor as well. The home has a basement and she also wanted the room where the sick child will be in.

I understand her concern for the child.

Yes they are paranoid but if I had a kid that was in and out of the hospital every day with a kidney transplant I to would be paranoid.

My client had a bad inspection on her exzisting home and wants to be extra cautious.

One thought I had is on the 2 general inspections. I wonder what kind of negotiating she will have if there is a problem.

Like one guy states air conditioning over sized and I may state operated properly when tested.

I am going to do the inspection. I guess I see the best in people and want to help my client and ill child.

I feel confident in my ability as an inspector and I document my reports to current conditions and limitations. I spend 5 minutes creating a diagram of the visible foundation. I make my reports as if each one is going to a lawyer. (Or at least I try to)

Like basement recently finished with an interior basement drainage system with a warranty. Now I was not even looking but, original exterior drainage, numerous walks, patios, ground improperly sloped torwards house, large trees in close proximity of house.

Siding appears to be installed by an ametuer, Inquire with local jurisdiction on history of permits. Recommend a qualified specialist to repair or replace before close of escrow. Now if the other guy found the siding to be Satisfactory good luck to the client in negotiating.

I see your point David, With a sick child I can understand them wanting to be “extra” cautious.

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I would do it in a heart beat David. Go for it and do what you know best.
The most accurrate and precise information provided by a Inachi Inspector.
Now you are in competition, what else could be more interesting than that to show the client you are the better of the two. A challenge, allright, go for it. I love it.
Update on your inspection is mandated by this board. You hear.? :mrgreen:

Marcel :):smiley:

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I would have no problem doing the inspection.

Now if you had 3 inspectors it would be called a gangbang.

That is enough for me, I am already tired of dealing with her. :smiley:

And who is Josie, that girl with the Pusie Cats???

Let me loose. I’d perform the home inspection without even hesitating.

I am ready for the challenge.

RR has there ever been a time that you have walked away from an inspection?

If you add the mold inspector then it just may be!!!

Thanks when I read your post it made me laugh.

Show me the money!

I make my reports as if each one is going to a lawyer. (Or at least I try to)
End Quote:

[FONT=Arial]I have been in business since 1972 and NEVER had a complaint filed against me.
Yet …… I have been to 114 Trials, depositions and Arbitration meetings. Why?
Because…. I was providing Expert Witness testimony against builders, contractors, Real Estate Agents, and sadly some people who thought that since they had been in the construction industry for some time and had a “Ladder & a truck” that they were qualified to be a “Home Inspector”.

Needless to say these people MIGHT have been good roofers, plumbers or painters but…. They did not have the slightest clue as how to inspect an entire house and the systems / components that they were unfamiliar with.
Their so called check-list reports were a joke!

We live in a litigious society…. IMO… I “ALWAYS” write each and every report like “It is going to court”.

With two inspectors writing two different reports…… I think that you probably have a “law suit waiting to happen” and I would act accordingly.

Good Luck!:stuck_out_tongue:


The red flag, to me, is “a child with medical issues”!!
If the house was recently rehabed, are you going to check for the normal gases new material puts off? Adequate ventelation, (amount of fresh air brought in?) To many potential unknown issues to deal with, especially considering the fragil health of the child. From your account of the customer, this could be a law suite wating to happen.

Is she gets 2 or 3 different inspections, which one will she believe???

You are inspecting a house, checking basic components, not if it is safe for a child with medical issues. It’s a house, not a hospital room.


If, as stated, the agents are tired of dealing with her, I see nothing but trouble on the horizon. Take the agents position. run!!

And, is she going to decide which “inspection” she likes best, and then demand a refund from the other?

If you know, suspect a problem going in, it won’t get any better! She seems like the type who will find fault, no matter how you try. I tend to try and avoid the stress of dealing with an unreasonable person. It’s obvious she does not trust your judgement, not a good starting point for a good business relationship.

You guys are simply too nervous and too suspicious that everyone is after you to find faults with your inspection.

If your knowledgeable in residential construction and perform a thorough inspection, befriend your client and note all the visible defects, then where’s the issue?

I tend to agree. If you are competent, comfortable and confident in your abilities then their should be no question about whether to do it or not. Now if there is a money issue that might give pause but I would not be scared.