2 pole breaker

Hello everyone

Would you be allowed to run a pool pump and a salt generator from the same 2 pole breaker. The pool pump at 240V runs around 5-6amps and the salt generator at 240v runs at 1amp. Well below 80% or 12amps.

Discussion greatly appreciated


As long as each has its own disconnect

Hi Mike

So you are saying that there should be a separate 240v double throw switch for each unit. I think double throw is the correct term for the switch.

Multimotors are allowed on the same circuit as outlined in 430.24 of the NEC as long as each motor has some sort of disconnect insight of each motor.
These disconnects can be anything from cord and plug up to a knife disconnect with or without fuses or a breaker.

If they were grouped they could use the same disconnect if it was in sight of both of them.

The Salt generator isn’t a pump. It some how puts salt into the pool water. The reason they want the salt generator to stop when the pool pump isn,t working is because harmful gases will build up. There is a panel inside the pool shed where everything is located.

It is actually a chemical generator that causes the Cl in NaCl (salt is already in the pool at about 5-6 PPT) to be freed for a few seconds and sanitize the water. The manufacturer’s instructions call for it to be on the pump circuit, like a heater, so it won’t run when the pump is off.

This is exactly right. Some folks think it is the salt itself that does the work. These things should not be called salt generators. They should be called chlorine generators.

It is very common to have them on the same disconnect as the pump. This makes sense since they both MUST run, and not run, at the same time.