2-prong receptacle recommendation?

I can’t comment on that picture :skull: LOL

I’d guess that you’re referring to the nice screw through the box?


Among other things. Was giving me anxiety.

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I agree the screw is problematic and a NEC violation. Nails and screws used for fastening the box are permitted to go completely through the box from one side to the other if they meet certain parameters. There is one other visible issue regarding the cable clamp. Also it’s not clear if the white conductor has been re-identified as an ungrounded conductor.

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I’ll add “EGC” is the incorrect screw and color

I think that the photo is from Canada so I can’t say that the screw is incorrect. The NEC does not require the screw to be green.

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Funny you say that I was going to make a topic regarding Robert @ryoung7 being in Canada :canada: and people have to realize this is an International Association.

Cool. I’ll put foot in mouth now. Lol

Also I said this because I don’t know all the requirements

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What about this pic, same inspection…

If no ground wire exists we require either two prong receptacles or GFCI protection either with a GFCI receptacle or GFCI breaker. If the GFCI method is chosen it must be labeled " no ground wire exists" . I always call out no GFCI in bathrooms and kitchens. As an AHJ I can’t require it if the house was built before GFCI existed but I strongly recommend it, unless they rewire the home.