2 prong receptacles

By what or whose standards do you define what is best?

Not true around here.


The NEC does not require replacement receptacles to be grounded.

I recommend best practice at all times and if you had a choice would you build your home for your family and children as ungrounded???

Feels strange to defend what is best for a dwelling to a couple guys that know better.

‘I say continue to Inspect at minimum standard if you wish but do not force minimum on me.’

Bob, let me try to make a point by asking you to do something.

Count up all the 2-wire devices you own and let us now if they need to be plugged into 3-wire outlets.

Last month, a first time home buyer hired me to inspect a termite ridden dwelling that he ultimately chose to walk away from.

During the course of my review with him, following the inspection, I pointed out to him that the home had two-pronged wiring and explained (as my earlier post) that while this is acceptable and presents nothing in the nature of defects, he needs to be aware of some of the limitations and the hazards caused from “adapters”, etc.

He told me that he had looked at several houses in the area and noticed that, in his particular price range and his personal preference for the older style home, he had already weighed these factors and considered this to be acceptable.

In that his quest was not over and he would be selecting another house, he even inquired as to knob and tube…and we discussed that, as long as it is in its original condition and has not been spliced or otherwise modified, he could go with that as well.

Who am I to impose my judgment over the tastes and desires of my client?

Perhaps he married beneath himself. Is it my duty to inform him that he could probably find a better looking wife if he dumped the one he has and looked around a little more? Do I snatch the soft drink from his hand and replace it with a bottle of water, while warning him of the dangers of red meat?

Do I even remotely suggest that he tear out a perfectly functioning and safe electrical system and replace it with another perfectly functioning and safe electrical system? Hell, no.

I am there to look at the house and describe its systems and report on their condition. If it’s not defective I do not recommend that it be repaired or replaced. If it is defective, I do. Badabing…badaboom.


Mike made the point perfectly. Please explain how/why “best practice” is to have all receptacles grounded when the majority of appliances do not require a grounding connection.

Mike made no point!

I guess you guys in the romex world also consider extension cords to be great permanent conductors.

I knew there had to be someone buying these things at the dollar stores right next to the vinyl dryer vents.

Answer this wise guy.
Do you screw in the little green bracket.:twisted: ?

Do you check behind those fridges guys? (be sure to knock off the dust bunnies)

Please tell us what additional safety is gained by plugging a 2-wire device into a 3-wire outlet.

I could say "you can lead a horse to water but …I think I won’t :wink:

If this were a poll I’d vote for Jeff, James, Mike & Larry’s position on this. Two wire systems, in and of themselves, are not a defect. An inspector could proffer his opinion that such a system could be upgraded if he so choose but I would not consider the system to be deficient. My standard comment says:

You would have to “explain” it first.

You would have to “explain” it for some anyway.

Good grief! I believe you would have to explain that too.

Perfect Mr. Boyett

Very good Mike - I like it. Just change one word;

I probably plagiarized that from Jeff years ago…:smiley:

Nope, not mine, but I would like to use it. . .

Yep, thanks for catching that. I have changed it.


No problem, now show me where in the hell I said defect.

You can not plug many modern appliances in with out a groung plug.
Adapters are not wise as even if you scew the little green bracket in, it is not grounding devises such as refrigerators.

Jeff just mentioned above that it may be needed to run a dedicated circuit for such appliances.

MAY (hahaha) MAY
For crying out loud call it out as what it is, and stop sucking up to AGENTS.

Mike you must be the one on the left.
Bet it is the same Kool aid from November.

One may need to spend thousands running dedicated circuits and you would not even mention it in your report.

Good Job.