2 and 3 prong outlets

I have a house with old and new wiring in it. the new wiring has a ground in the outlets and the old wiring has just the 2 prong outlets with no ground. they are all mixed throughout the house. How should it be written up or put into the inspection report? any help is appreciated thanks!!

Why don’t you write it up as you think it should be and show us.
We will be more than glad to help you then.

Two prong (non-grounded) receptacles were observed. Although these were commonly used years ago, we recommend a licensed electrician upgrade to grounded three prong receptacles.


Upgraded Grounded 3 slot receptacles and original ungrounding 2 slot lighting circuits.

Correct… Upgrade, NOT a requirement.

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Just put GFCI’s in at the beginning of the circuit.

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Why? Where do you need three prongs besides the kitchen (less and less every year), your computer room, and your basement/garage??
Majority of new electrical goods are two prong, making three prong receptacles unnecessary in most locations.