2 prong

Billy, it would have been much better to start your own thread instead of tagging on to one this old.

What type of voltage meter or detector are you attempting to use?

It has one probe that you insert into the outlet. Generally, on a two prong, you have one side hot and the other not. But as I mentioned before, I’m seeing several outlets that are hot on both sides of the two prong outlet.

I’ve attached a picture of the voltalert I’m using. Not really a meter, but something to check for the existing of voltage.

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That is what I thought you were using to detect voltage. While they are good for some usages there are some limitations. One of the issues is that they can give a false positive for voltage. This is better than a false negative it can be confusing. Those detectors read the field around energized wires. I think the field is strong enough thru the older insulation to bleed over and give the impression that both are hot.

did anyone notice the water line above the panel?:twisted::wink:

There no problem there Marcel, but I think you know that.

Jim, what do you use to test the two prong outlets to avoid this problem?

Well, maybe it is just a jurisdiction thingy Jeff, but a few years ago on a Commercial Project of mine the AHJ had me move a line just like that.
Wouldn’t bother me any, but that is how some of these AHJ’s look at it.
Most be part of the NEC somewhere, I don’t have one. :slight_smile:


If the system is not grounded you will not be able to determine which slot is the hot using a Wiggy.

Could someone explain why it would be so important to test to see which slot is hot on an ungrounded 2 slot receptacle?

Probably doesn’t matter which side is hot because the older 2 prong outlets were not polarized.