2 roof coverings?

Does this look like two roof covering layers to you? The very bottom one is building paper/felt. Possible eave protection on the rake?

roof 2 layers.JPG

More than one layer gets described as multi in my report.

looks like two layers to me…jim

THIS is two layers, yeah, the top one ripped. Can’t be sure from your photo, Marc.

John Kogel


Tough angle to tell.

I know this wont help answer your question but I see 4 shingles above the felt paper.
It could be one layer - starter + 3 courses of shingles or
It could be two layers (no starter). Need something to provide perspective (angle of roof / dimensions, etc)

If I had to guess I would say two layers, but can’t be sure without a better perspective.

Looks like two to me also.

I am not seeing 2 layers here, but there is an extra layer (maybe for eave protection but that’s rare) see pic below.

Question was this a low slope roof? as the questionable layer could be roll roofing, or it could be a 4ply roof as required on low slope applications





I’m with Gerry. Don’t forget you have along the edges; the felt, a starter course than the first course of shingles. It can often look very thick along the edge especially if they used the architectual (30 year) shingles.

Anybody note the absence of a drip-edge?

Regardless of how many layers, if the condition warrants a reroof, the old need to be removed, this time around. Too much weight. Looks like a real shallow Pitch.