2 speed bath fan

I’m in Oregon. I’ve recently done 2 RAND NEW houses in the same subdivision 3 bed 2 bath house. In the master the venting is normal in the Hall bath the fan is a 2 speed fan selectable by a switch on the wall. I’ve never seen this before is this a new requirement??

No. It is a fan that works…move along. :smile:


Only in Oregon where people are allowed to get the Munchies and eat everything in site! :rofl: :rofl:

Does a multispeed fan help with munchies?

It helps with the byproducts of the munchies! :face_vomiting:

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Are you sure it not a heater/fan combo vent?

Selectable fan speed switches have been around for some time.
As well as HRV venting switches. Are you sure the vent switch wasn’t part of a venting system?

A timer is not a speed control, jeez

WAFI alert

I’m not sure of the current requirements but I’ve seen similar types of fans/vents in LEED Certified homes.


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The two speed bath exhaust provides continuous ventilation for the house on the low setting, usually installed in the most used bath, thus the hallway bath. The high speed is for when the bath is in use. You will see them more down the road in newer houses that don’t have adequate air exchanges via natural draft or other mechanical ventilation such as HRV.


Certain models have CFM control.
As well, if the homes in subdivision are considered commercial/residential, continual air exchange is required.
The AÉROMATIC 7240 offers impressive heat recovery efficiency for such a small case. The electronic Control card offers an electronic calibration of the appliance as well as infinite speeds of operations.

My point exactly.

Yes I’m sure it was not a fan heater combo. There is a timer switch next to the light switch and above that is another switch that is labeled high and low. The fan was SLOW to turn on , so slow that I initially called it out for being inoperative. However thankfully I had the sense to wait and check further and it finally turned on . I probably wasted a good 10 minutes watching and trying to figure out the stupid fan. Once running you could switch from low to high and high to low but it also was slow to react to the change.

These multi speed fart/exhaust fans… through extensive research, funded by government grants, have been developed in parallel with the toilets that have the minimum flush and max flush options…and pretty much for the same reasons.

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You did not waste time. You learned something new. That to me is exciting.