Ceiling fans - one speed only

5 newer fans installed, however, they all only had 1 speed (slow). Thoughts/insight?

Thanks in advance.

Did you have the “remote” to operate the remote control?


That does not even matter.

Were you there? You have the same info about the units as I do. Zero!

You’re funny Jeff.:slight_smile:

Did the new issue of “ANGRY MAN” arrive in the mailbox today?

Did the fan function as designed??? I’m not aware of any rule that says a fan must have multiple speeds or even reverse. (Never saw a 1 speed fan however.)

was there a chain hanging from the fan?
sometimes its a multi-speed fan, with no remote,
and you change the speed by pulling the chain
once, twice or three times, to vary from slow,
medium, High, and off…

Now why would you ever ask a question like that? :shock:

Haven’t you ever seen fans w/remotes that only operate with the remote (other than off/on from a wall switch)? :neutral:

Now I think someone’s pulling Bob’s chain!!! LOL!!! :mrgreen::mrgreen:

JK Bob. :wink:

I have seen one speed fans and they were very common in the old days as a slow moving fan is all you really need to circulate air.

I am sure some may be rated to work off a rheostat.Long as they have electric to the J box and they are mounted securely I would notate if client wishes once pointed out and move on.
I assume we all know about pull chains on fans and remotes unless living remotely.:slight_smile:

Some have a small speed control knob, just above the light kit. My parents have them in their house and the type of light globes they have hides the control knob (you have to reach up and over the globe, all while getting you knuckles wacked by the blades :shock:)

2 like that in my house.

I’m not sure about any control knobs like some stated, possible, didn’t look. These were all newer fans, with chains. I tested them like I do all cf’s, on high speed, however, these didn’t change speeds when pulling that chain.