2 TWH copper wire for 200 amp

#2 TWH copper wire used for 200 amp breaker in updated panel. It would have to be 2/0 copper wire correct? Am I missing something here? Everything in this panel looked exemplary. TIA.

According to the old NEC table T310.15(B)(16) The minimum size copper conductor for a single family dwelling 200 amp service is #2/0. If you’re calculating using the 2017 NEC then it would be 83% of the service ampacity so in this case your minimum conductor size is 200*83% = 166 amps which is #2/0.

This isn’t 2/0 and/or the wiring would be labeled 2/0, correct?

yes, it should be labeled 2/0. You can verify it by checking the diameter. #2 is .257 and #2/0 is .364. Use plastic calipers if you do this!

2/0 would be about double the size of this wire, if I’m not mistaken? So this wire isn’t even close.

The number 2 and the insulation type of THW is clearly indicated in your photo. A caliper measurement will confirm that it is not a #2/0. According to NEC Chapter 9, Table 5 a #2 THW conductor has a diameter of .412", a #2/0 THW conductor has a diameter of .578".

Robert is correct on the O.D diameter of the wire. I noted the diameter less the insulation.

Branch wiring at top of SEP should be spread across the multiple entrance ports … not all bundled. I don’t believe the NEC allows for such bundling.

It looks like there is an SE cable connector with all of the NM cables which is a violation.

Are you referring to these?
If so what is the problem?

I have yet to see a single SE cable connector that is listed for 15 or 20 NM cables like in photo of the OP.

Are you referring to this?

Is this a manufactured home? is there a disconnect outside? Could it be a 100 AMP disconnect feeding this?

Yes that’s it. In some parts of the country this seems to be acceptable which is why initially I didn’t comment on it. Here’s the NEC reference:

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You’re welcome and thanks for the kind words. :sunglasses: