Is it 1/0 or 2/0 copper main?

also this panel has few breakers for a 200 amp main. Is the size of the main going to be an issue?



Was there a disconnect ahead of this panel?

Why do you think that 16 breakers is too few?

No there was no disconnect ahead.

I gave it some more thought and am not sure why I am concerned about the number of breakers. #-o

Hard to tell, but those look like #1 AGW wires, which would be too small for a 200 amp breaker.

For a 200 dwelling service {NEC Table 310.15(B)(6)} you are permitted to use #2/0 Cu or #4/0 Al conductors. That appears to be neither. Also the several equipment grounding conductors under one lug is also a violation.

As well as the lug has been installed with a sheet metal screw.