2 Wire service - No Neutral?

4 wire feed to attached garage where branch distribution panel had neutrals that were bridged and ground bus flush with enclosure, ground screw installed. all grounds and neutrals separate in branch distribution panel. Main point of confusion is two-fold. I thought neither ground nor neutrals could be bonded to enclosure in a sub-panel, and also, where is the return path to the transformer if there are only two wires through the meter? There is a GEC coming from the meter box to ground rod and a GEC going from the service disconnect to cold water pipe.

The sub looks good from here. Do you have zoomed out pic of the main disconnect? The neutral could be through the buss bar connected on the outside to the left. Then it’s all good.

It butts directly up to the meter box. That is all that was visible. Thanks for the help.

The neutral is connected in the meter box and then goes into the main disconnect via the neutral bar.

The neutral bus passed right through the wall of the enclosures from one section to the other so that is fine.

At the sub-panel the EGC’s terminate to the EGC run with the feeder and to the enclosure. The neutrals are isolated from the enclosure.

The connection of the two GEC’s you’ve described is correct.

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THank you both very much. I suspected it was coming through the wall via the bus. Now I can sleep tonight.

^^^^^ Yes, what Robert said. ^^^^^

This is the “main panel”. Take off the inner cover to see how it is wired.

Isn’t the cover already off in the first post?

Yes, sorry

Everything looks OK except the ganged ground and grounded conductors. There should only be one conductor on each terminal.