Distribution panel?

This 3 wire feed is in incorrect because it lacks its own GEC, correct. The grounded ( neutrals) and grounding ( bare) wires should be separate also? The panel should not be bonded also, correct? Just second guessing myself today?


It’s an unprofessional installation, and definitely needs correction.

You are right, except for this.

The panel MUST be bonded, which is generally done with the EGC, or with metallic conduit in older installations.


GEC = Grounding Electrode Conductor - the conductor used to connect the grounding electrode (i.e. ground rod, water pipe, Ufer)

EGC = Equipment Grounding Conductor - the conductor used to ground and bond equipment.

So the bonding stap should not be connected in this case?

The white wires (neutrals) should be on a termination bar that is insulated from the panel. This appears to be correct. The bare ground wires should be terminated at a second termination bar that is bonded to the distribution panel which in your picture does not exsist. The feed wires from the main distribution panel should also carry a ground which does not appear to be there. Also, all the wires should be supported/secured within 12 inches of the panel(maximum) It does not apppear that any of the wires are supported. I would also question the size of the feed wires and there over current protection in the main panel.

The neutral bus should not be bonded to the enclosure - correct.

The EGC’s should be bonded to the enclosure, and the enclosure should be bonded to the service panel - via an equipment grounding conductor (the missing 4th conductor).

Thanks guys!

The 4th wire is there, I think, coming from the main panel, it is bent in an S-curve and tapped into the neutral bus - wrong.

Correct, the bare ground wire is there. Connected at the buss bar with the neutrals. :twisted:

I believe you’re right. I can see it now that you pointed it out.

Strange thing is that those Cutler-Hammer type CH panels usually came w/ the ground bar kit factory installed…