Help quick, writing report

Distribution panel:
4 wire feeder from disconnect, ground wire disconnected from terminal. Don’t understand

Also, EGC at distribution panel. Thought it was to be at disconnect.


Obviously someone has been MESSIN in the panel. Your terminology is leaving me a little confused on what you are asking but lets see here…

You refer to a Distribution Panel…Which One…a Main Distribution Panel or a Remote Distribution Panel in your second question…

The EGC refers to the Equipment Grounding Conductor....and what exactly is the Disconnect refering to.....

The way you posted this is VERY confusing....even I am not able to break down what you are asking.

OK, service disconnect box is outside by the meter.

Distribution panel is inside the condo.

Four feeder wires from disconnect box to distribution panel, hot, hot, neutral, ground.

The ground wire is disconnected from the grounding bus in the distribution panel.

But a bare copper wire, looks like #4, goes from grounding bus up through wall, attic, who nows.

Did the service panel or meter have an EGC too?

Just report what you see, it needs to be corrected.


Thats MUCH better…:)…sorry

The (4) wires from the outside main disconnect sounds right, not sure why the ground wire is unconnected ( or actually the Bonding Conductor ) should be connected within the remote distribution panel ( indoor one ) and the Neutral and Grounding buss bars should be separated and the NEUTRAL one isolated.

If the EGC for that remote distribution panel is not connected then it should be written up as missing the connection to the terminal bar.

Now as for the " bare copper wire" going up into the attic from the inside distribution panel…could simply be for bonding as the GEC should take place at the FIRST disconnection means, meter enclosure or grounded conductor at the mast head…

Could simply be someone bonding a pipe and so on in the attic location…are you able to view the attic location above the panel area.

Thanks Paul. I think I figured out what to say.

How about…

Upon inspection I noticed your EGC that runs from your main disconnection means to your remote distribution panel was disconnected and should be re-connected and evaluated by a licensed electrical contractor.

That sounds better than I had. Thanks.

Should I say anything about the bare copper wire going up into the attic?

I thought EGC stood for Earth Grounding Conductor

lol…yeah well don’t get me STARTED on the NEC and how I think it is written backwards for the most part.

Nope…EGC stands for " Equipment Grounding Conductor " but it should be written as EBC- Equipment Bonding Conductor if I had my way…lol

Is their a EGC located at the Disconnect OUTSIDE or at the Meter Enclosure?

Forgot to look…I’m so ashamed…

Then I would not worry about it…just go with the statement on the EGC being loose and chalk it up to a learning experience. Life is short…relax and party on…:slight_smile:

Hey Paul, I posted something in HVAC and am not getting any bites. Can you look?

I know thus is going to sound strange, but my father in-law looked at the post and he is an old retired master electrician and he told me that in some high risk areas of lightning strikes they would attach the grounding line to the bonding system of the electrical. So… he could be off his rocker or there might be some validity to it, but this is the first time I have ever heard of this. It was also a tip that you are in Florida.


 I think what your father in law is saying is that they bond the Lightning Protection System to the existing GEC and GES which is correct and should be done. It is not always done but SHOULD be done.

The issue is this can happen BUT it needs to be bonded to the GEC or GES at the actual GEC or GES itself and usually not at the remote distribution panel location....but again it could be possible.

We would have to assume IF their was a lightning system in place but we don't know that based on the post itself.

 Lightning is a major concern in Florida, This could be the case but is really beyond your scope and assuming makes it worse than just not knowing and defering.

 Wesley....did you see AIR TERMINALS on the roof of the dwelling when you walked on it....?

Nope. It was a condo and the HOA handles roof. Not inspected per contract.

I don’t do two story anyway. Took a fall back in 79 while installing rain gutter, broke nine bones. Aluminum extension ladder up 28’, pin for swivel foot came out and I rode it down. Landed on concrete standing up and ladder crushed tops of my feet. Fell over and broke wrist when I hit A/C unit. Casts on both legs to the knees for six months. Seriously put a damper on my barhopping days.

OUCH…yeah go with the original comments I made and STAY SAFE…