2 x 12 rafter altered

What is your take on the rafters being altered to fit an access door to the attic space on the third floor of a condo. 2 x 4’s were used the help strengthen.



There are certain variables to consider - the type of lumber, the spans, the roof loads for the area, etc. But overall, it doesn’t show the relation of where it was altered, with respect to the span.
In my opinion, standard answer: consult structural engineer. But they could have used engineered materials (LVL’s, Paralams, MSR lumber) to repair alterations.

Rafters are 2 x 12 SPF 16 OC. The ridge pole is about 4 ft up.

Absolutely wrong Scott, and it sure ain’t an engineered revision…:shock:

I agree!! Creative homeowners amaze me!!!


I would note the alteration and let the experts take it from there…
I Look at it like this that condo had specs for 2x12 framing and now it does not have that, and only a SE could validate if the 2x4 are sufficient enough.