Garage Rafters NEED HELP!

Having the roof redone that is two months old. The roof was high nailed, overdriven nails along w/ damaged plywood that was not replaced.

Well different crew same company started to redo it today and found that when the first crew cut the ridge vent on top of the garage two months ago, the blade was set for about 3" depth.

They cut the rafters when they cut for ridge vent. The blade almost made 2 in cut into the rafteron one side of the ridge. The other side is OK.

To fix the screw they added sist rafters. They are 2x6 and 4’ in length. Also all the plywood got replaced with 1/2" 4ply.

Is this acceptable repair. Will there issues down the road when I go to sell the house or so.


With what I can see, if everything is well secured/fastened, it looks adequate.

The cut in the rafters wasn’t all that critical, and it seems like the sistered pieces will more than adequately restore full strength. I don’t see a problem, but then, it’s a photograph, and not real life.

As the owner of the house (and future seller) you should know that this is considered to be a modification to the original structural support design of the home and that it was done without the approval of the design engineer.

This is what a home inspector hired by the future buyer will probably inform his client.

If it were my home, I would seek more than the input from this message board. Have a structural engineer visit, observe and report to you on the integrity of the structure and have him date, place his seal and sign the report and file it away with the deed(if it is favorable), or use his recommendations to make the required repairs and file it with the repair contract.

Good advice.

Other than what you stated to them…with the rafters already being inplace and SE will either go by your state claims or have to remove a sister to verify same.
Based upon my experience with such, I concur with Larry and Richard that the repairs described are fine…sistering 4 foot is typical for this type of repair.
The only thing the SE would probably check is the nailing pattern for the sister repair.


Sorry! Pardon my ignorance… What does SE stand for and what do you mean by “have to remove a sister to verify same”?


Structural Engineer

I’m not sure what Jeffery had in mind here or why the “sistered rafter” piece would have to be removed to verify something.

simply meant, can the engineer see the cut or not…wasn’t sure if your taking about a notch or where the tip of the rater is cut…and looks like only the tip was cut about
an inch or so…however the nails to the ridge I take it are intact?