200 amp sub panel

What size of breaker would be required in the main distribution panel to supply a 2oo amp sub panel located in a garage.

Depends…If the load in the sub-panel in the Garage is only lets say 75A then the panel in the garage could be 200A if they wish but the OCPD feeding the panel would be more than likely 80 Amps.

Remember the panel itself could be larger…but the load will be limited to that panel by the protection for that panels feeders in the main distribution panel.

What size is the Main Distribution Panel and have they determined WHY they would need a 200A panel in the garage other than maybe thats the size they bought because they had no idea they really did not need that much.

Is this a detached to attached garage…for asking sake.

the circuit breaker for the sub-panel should be sized according to the feeder cables that are going to the sub-panel. The only relevance as to which panel is used for the sub-panel is that it be rated for the amperage fed to it. You can use a 200 amp panel for the sub-panel but it a waste of money.

Electrical loads are beyond the scope of a home inspection. Recommend a licensed electrician evaluate the load.

A “main distribution panel” IS a sub-panel. I believe you mean to say service equipment panel.

Thanks for the replys

Hello I am an electrician and i just though you should know there are also codes about sequence of opperation that basically say that the panel in the garage should trip first then the house

The house should trip? :wha?: Can you be a little less technical?