$200 to answer questions for a survey company


As mentioned, we are looking for Inspectors (Realtors and Appraisers also) to participate in a market research study to better understand the real estate market in the San Francisco area. I am hoping that you will be interested and available to participate.

All participants are being asked to complete a 75-minute online video Q&A/interview. Participants who complete the online interview will receive $200. A few Realtors will also be asked to provide online only digital property tours via MLS. Realtors who complete the online interview and digital tours will receive $450.

If there is any interest in participating (and/or if you know someone), please use the link below to share responses to our preliminary questions, to help determine if you (they) might be a good fit for participation.

Shalonda Espy-Johnson
Director of Operations

You had better check with Nick, NACHI policy doesn’t allow that realtors would get more money for participating than home inspectors, sounds like bullshit to me.

Maybe, but their website is pretty interesting



Is a Zoom like QanA session the same as a digital tour of a home?