InterNACHI at Prospect Training International training for REALTORs in Miami on Dec 9

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whats the story with this event

Is there some message to this post that I am missing?

Is there some message to this post that I am missing?

I was wondering the same thing.

Nick, What is this event about?

Any info on this event…?

It is probably about how realtors work in the international market. Also know as Foreigner investors. I did one a couple of months ago. It is so they can have another designation on their license.

This was a sponsored event for Realtors on how to better their business and to create a team complete with Home Inspector, Mortgage Broker etc. It was worth the money as I made some good contacts, the investment paid for itself in 3 weeks

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Good to know because I am doing the Tampa one next week!

I was contacted by Prospect Training International to be part of a seminar in California. How did it turn out for anyone that has done one?

so this is coming around again, anyone else have any comments? they are looking for 950.00 bucks to be a sponsor at the event.

Here is what I just got via email.
Hello my name is Shannon Smith. I was actually supposed to get in contact with you at some point last week but I didn’t have a chance to. I’m looking for a good home inspector in the Oakland area to work with. My company Prospect Training International is doing an event for the Realtors we work with in the area over at The Embassy Suites on December 4th. We will have around 75-100 Realtors there. I am currently looking for a reputable home inspector to come in and work with some of the Realtors we train.
Part of our training program entails the Realtors setting up a full scale business team to improve their customer service to their client. Obviously one of the biggest parts of that is a good home inspector. They need to have 1 (reputable) inspector for their clients. We are looking to work with an inspector with experience that is currently looking to take on some new inspections from real estate professionals throughout the area.
We will have at the very minimum 75-100 attendees at this event that average 3 to 10 years in the industry minimum. Typically we work with a lot of the brokers and owners of these real estate offices. It has been a phenomenal opportunity to pick up some new long term clients considering we only bring in 1 home inspector for the whole program. The seminar is geared towards an inspector that is currently in an active growth mode, and actively looking to grow relationships. But again we’re looking for someone that will provide great service to the professionals we train. If you’re looking to take on more inspections and are not already backed up then I would love to discuss working together on this. This is a very effective marketing opportunity for you that will allow you to build your client base. We don’t want this to be like a trade show and have a bunch of inspectors out there so we are only looking for 1 inspector to be at the event to handle all the inspection needs for these real estate professionals and their clients.
But again if you’re not slammed or backed up and you’re looking to take on more clients I would love to at least have a 5-10 minute conversation with you about this and give you the details on it. I’m going to be interviewing inspectors for this throughout the day so feel free to give me a call directly or shoot me an email to let me know when a good time to contact you would be. Thanks so much, let me know either way.

Shannon Smith
Senior Event Coordinator
Phone: 315-573-7186
Fax: 315-362-9083

Be very careful.

Did this last year as you can see from my post above. I thought it definitely had some potential to work. Problem is we only had 25-30 realtors show up to our event. I contacted them and because they guaranteed 75-100 they promised to let me attend the next event for free. So… if that ever happens I will be happy and maybe it will still work out.

Before I did it, I spoke with another inspector out of Miami who had done it and had over 100 realtors show. He was very pleased and made multiple contacts and made his $950 back in 3 weeks with inspections.

So if I was to do it again, I would pay half the cost upfront, then half again when 75+ realtors showed.

The people at Prospect Training have asked me to go to there convention. As of right now I am undecided. I would like to hear more about it from my inspection brothers who have gone through this. Thank, Greg.