2005 house with settled insulation

All the insulation in the attic has a brown crust on it and the stucco is bowed out on the gable end. I think there is insufficient ventilation in the attic. Anyone else have an idea?

Hi Loren

The brown crust is from our dust storms I would think, most homes I inspect have dirt on the insulation from entering at soffits and gable vents.

I have found the Lath separated from many homes in the west valley, when the lath is not attached properly to the wall framing the stucco bows outward and you can litterly push it inward.

I was involved in a lawsuit against one builder in the southwest valley regarding the Lath not attached to the framing, the entire subdivision had the homes re-stuccoed.

I agree, looks like dust. Also looks like cellulose that was disturbed versus settled. At least by the pics.

This is the worst one. Other homes in the subdivision (San Tan Valley, south of Ocotillo east of Ironwood) are bowed in the same spot. They are not connected at the gable truss.
This is a more finely ground celulose than what I usually see. Perhaps that is why it is more noticeable. All of the insulation has settled to about 7.5". Is that normal for only 6 years?

Loren, I have inspected several homes out there in San Tan Valley and have always found a dirt layer on the insulation especially on a NS facing home. As Dale stated, dust storms

Where there any expansion joints in the stucco?

Yes it is a NS facing home and no expansion joints.

The insulation looks more like a poor installation than settling. It should be uniform across the whole attic floor with no peaks or valley’s. It also looks disturbed in some areas too.

Looks like cellulose insulation to me. Only needs about 8" of cellulose to be R30. I can’t comment on the ventilation since none of your photos show the eaves and you didn’t provide enough information.

Ditto Joe…

I love cellulose insulation…been using it a long time.

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