Stucco picture

Can anyone comment on the stucco on the side of this house. It’s 2 story, 1st is concrete block, 2nd story wood frame. This side is the only area that looks like this. Also, it looks worse in the picture than it did in person.
How would you comment on this on a report?


Do you mean the lines from the lath?

Yes. Or is it worth comment.

The stucco is very thin! And or the lath is improperly attached. If there was a string ran from control joint to control joint you would find the stucco is very thin between them.

Looks like there are control joints missing on the front off the corners of the windows.

CYA imo

What did they do at the joint between the floors?

The rules and needs for wood construction and stucco are not the same for CMU.

Thanks. I thought so. This was a seller’s inspection. What would you recommend to the seller?

There not much that can be done with it as far as the quality and thickness at this pointe!

I am not sure what to tell the seller!

Do you do IR inspections? That would help prove there are no moisture problems one way or the other.

No, no IR. This house was built in 2005. Like I said, it’s not as noticeable in person as in photos. I’ll comment on the report, but not make an issue. Thanks.

That job is thin top to bottom

Note the block telegraphing through the stucco

Looks like water issues to the left of the entry

I would have “hand pressure tested” along with visual observation off a ladder at the frame portion to observe for any movement/spongy locations.

If you’re not qualified/specialized in Stucco advise your client to consult someone that is qualified to determine type and current conditions.

Very different protocol for block and frame as Carl noted.

I did feel the surfaces and didn’t feel any changes in texture, or any resiliancy. It felt solid. Like I said, It looks worse in the pictures than it did in person - another great reason to take lots of pictures! Unfortunately, bad stucco is morte common here than any other siding - I think I’ll make that an option in my report software - “SIDING - BAD STUCCO” !
This is a seller’s inspection, and I doubt they will do anything about the stucco - but I’ve given them a heads-up about what a buyer’s inspection may bring up. I’m sure the seller can’t afford to do anything as they are trying to avoid a short sale on the house already.
Thanks Barry - I appreciate the input.