2007 NACHI Convention Update

There will be a Food & Beverage Pavillion located in the vendor hall.
A cash bar will be in the vendor hall all three days when classes let out.

FREA is sponsoring tons of food the first evening in the vendor hall, May 17

Pro-Lab is sponsoring Coffee and Tea every morning also in vendor hall.

Nick just added a link to the vendor packets

More details coming soon. You can also find a lot more information on the website.

The vendor hall layout is being updated now. It will be up in a hour or so.

Will there be a meet and greet on the 16th. anywhere?


The 16th is a day for the vendors and NACHI to set up the vendor hall. I have a good guess where everybody will be in the evening - Hotel Bar

Holiday Inn Select

When I went to sign the contracts for this hotel it didn’t look like a typical Holiday Inn more like a 4 star high end hotel.

By the way, if you have not made your reservations please do so ASAP. The block of rooms that we have at a great discount are filling up fast.

The vendor hall layout is done. As we get closer to the event I will add in vendors as they sign up.


Those FOR SALE spaces, can I move in and just stay if I like Toronto?

can you explain to me how you (or if you ) “sign up” for a training session. or do you just show up and hope there’s a seat. i decided to go the the convention based on some specific training.

andy frost

There are plenty of seats in every class. If one class is bigger than the other we can move the wall that divides the rooms.

I have arranged a shuttle to and from the Holiday Inn Select - Toronto Congress Centre

Here is a list of the times: