2016 Inspection Universe Flights to Orlando

Spirit and Frontier are having some amazing deals right now. As low as 38 round trip from what I was seeing. Even if you had to buy the discount den membership at $50, a round trip ticket to Orlando for $90 is pretty darn good.

Fly Spirit…

I know a Captain there and he is good people.

Spirit airlines is the best bang for your buck!

On Christmas Day, my daughter and Father-in-law were flying Spirit from Detroit to Myrtle Beach. They had a planned stop and plane change in Laguardia. When they got to Laguardia at 8:30pm, Spirit announced that they cancelled the flight to Myrtle Beach and passengers were on their own. The next available flight for them would be on 12/31. Yeah, that’s right…A WEEK LATER. They offered no refund, vouchers, in-town transportation to a hotel, NOTHING. We had to scramble to find something. Found a flight leaving the next day, but from another airport 30 miles away. My Father-in-law and 5 year old little girl had to catch a bus to the train station, take a train to the area of the hotel, walk 6 blocks with all their luggage to get to the hotel, catch a cab to the new airport, get the new flight(@ a last minute pocket gouging cost), make another stop in Philly before finally arriving. Spirit did all this on Christmas! Will NEVER fly with them again. Sure they’re cheap…until they dump you somewhere at tell you tough luck. We could’ve flown 1st class with any airline and not paid as much as we did on this trip on Spirit.