I just did the impossible

Ken Compton and I are commencing a 50 city tour with the Let’s Talk Home Inspection Seminar series in Dallas on January 28. So Ken is flying in to Big D on January 27, arriving at DFW at 3 PM. Now, I hate DFW and normally fly Southwest whenever possible but . . . we’re renting a car to drive to San Antonio for the TAREI Winter Convention afterwards. So I figured I’d try to get a flight into DFW so we could travel together.

So I go to American Airlines website and book a flight to DFW. Then I did something - refreshed or hit the back button - AFTER I gave my CC info and got a message saying that I had to start over. Well, I’m not going to do that and I figure I’ll wait for the email confirmation which is normally near instantaneous.

An hour goes by and no email. So I decide to book on Southwest because Love Field is only 3 miles from the hotel. Book three flights. PHL to DAL, SAT to DEN and DEN back to PHL. Fantastic. Now I don’t have to go all the way back to DFW and get a 4:00 CST flight to DEN with Ken while the friggin’ Super Bowl is airing!!! What the Sam Hill was he thinking? I can fly out of San Antonio and be in Boulder way before the Super Bowl starts.

Then, oh, two hours later - DING - email from American Airlines confirming my original flight into DFW. WTF!!

Now, I’m expecting a ton of aggravation to straighten this out. So I call AA and get an agent after a lengthy interlude with the menu. She is a doll. Cancels the reservation. BUT . . . can only give me credit for a year for a subsequent flight. I told her “I’ll never use it.” She tries to help me and by and by I am transferred to aa.com.

And they MAKE AN EXCEPTION and issue a credit to my CC.

I can’t believe it. And . . . it didn’t take forever.

You actually went into purgatory and St Peter released you early.
It almost never happens… your a good boy Joe.

LOL… :slight_smile: Whew.!

I’ll see you in San Antonio at the TAREI convention.

. . . just a little bit luck . . . congrats, it usually takes forever and 4-8 weeks for a refund if they decide to refund the money.

They somehow found out you were a lawyer…

Too funny Marcel!!

Hey Joe, next time you are in Canada take a real challenge. None of this kissy-baby airline stuff. Help me deal with the impenetrable depths of the Bell Canada customer service department and get the mystery long distance charges taken off my cell phone account!!

Then you can brag and swagger.:mrgreen:

George, I had the same thing happen on my iPhone when I was at the Success Seminar last August. AT &T gave me some plausible explanation that I can no longer retrieve from memory. So when I was there again in November, I kept the chit chat to a minimum.

What mere mortal can decipher cell phone tariffs?