Traveling? Before you drive...

check the airlines. My sister and hubby just flew from Atlanta to Ft. Lauderdale for $9 bucks a piece! :shock::shock:You can fly to Eygpt for $200 on Spirit Airlines.:shock:

Got a site for this?
I need a vacation and soon.

Check Spirit Air Bob, they who they flew with.

Will keep them in mind as I always thought of SW .

Bob, whenever you fly out west, always fly to vegas first, then take another flight to your destination. I checked on a ticket to L.A. and it was $1200 on Delta, but it only cost $88 to Vegas and then $96 to L.A., but I took a rental car for $29 and a couple of hours of scenery. But it works for any destination because they want you to stop in Vegas, even the airport is full of Slots! :smiley:

SW is the best.

Is that Spirit Air in the background?

Grazie mille.


:shock:What do you expect for $9 bucks? One with wings? :wink:

I flew SW from Manchester NH to Phoenix AZ. $300.00 round trip, one stop, no delays. Not to bad.