2022 Build, No Clips/Straps Visible?

Hey there,

Just did a wind mitigation and did not see any clips or straps visible on this new build home. Is there a new way to pass code that is invisible once completed? Or do I have to mark this new build as Toe-Nailed? Seems strange given the FBC

Could be something like this:

I’ve seen this in a lot of new construction - meets FBC. However, the wind mitigation is very specific, this would go down as toenail.

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Not a Floridian, but… how do you state something without actually seeing it?
Did you view the framing structure from the soffits?
Personally, I question a few things in those photos that I would never see as meeting even basic standards for a roofing system attachment.

Unlike your diagram, Oren’s pictures have energy heal trusses. That would necessitate an extremely long Simpson structural screw.


Select unknown or unidentified
The carrier will most likely categorize it as toe nails.
You simply select the best category based on what you see or do not see.


Did you look anywhere else?
I can’t see the top plate or bond beam in any of those photos, BTW.


I’m in Pensacola and have only seen one builder using the Screws. I had to get educated by the builder and put a pic of the drawing with the FL Product approval in the wind-mit. I agree with Larry and Dominic. I know some code inspectors can be slack but I doubt the framing would have passed without something that meets the roof to wall attachment. I would reach out to the builder. Maybe we will all learn something.

If SDWC screw is used, you can select ‘Clip’ with that graphic included in the report.

I don’t see the wall in those photos. Are those truss ends cantilevered more than normal, and the RTW is farther back?

The first photo looks like the left side is a valley. I would look at the trusses further to the right. It appears all of the photos of the right side are only of the left side of the trusses. There may be clips on the opposite side. Maranda is still using clips for all of their new construction, at least in my area. A camera on an extendable pole will help to get clearer pictures in difficult to reach areas.