Wind mit issue I've not come across before

Home In question: 1990 wood frame central Florida home near The Villages.
Very limited attic access - the area that was accessible had trusses setting on outer wall top plates with no straps, clips etc. If there were toe nails; they were very hard to see (taken with zoom lens) and I could make out maybe one for sure. My questions: When were clips / straps first required and if not required in 1990; shouldn’t there be toe nails on both sides of the truss. I’ve only built a few houses (for myself) in earlier years in Illinois and always toe nailed the rafters / trusses from both sides. Thanks

I’m trying to figure out how to upload photos but something has changed; if i can i’ll upload them.

See here:

Just call what you see.
You only call what you can see.
No need to purger yourself for a few bucks…Huh?

Plenty of homes in Central Florida have deficient Roof To Wall connections. Sometimes they forget a section, or lose track while they nail them off, or forget to install some in the tie-beam or top plate, etc.

Record what you see and be sure you can back it up when asked.

And by the way, use a painter’s pole or similar device to extend your photographic reach.

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Thanks Larry