Wind mit issue I've not come across before

Home In question: 1990 wood frame central Florida home near The Villages.
Very limited attic access - the area that was accessible had trusses setting on outer wall top plates with no straps, clips etc. If there were toe nails; they were very hard to see (taken with zoom lens) and I could make out maybe one for sure. My questions: When were clips / straps first required and if not required in 1990; shouldn’t there be toe nails on both sides of the truss. I’ve only built a few houses (for myself) in earlier years in Illinois and always toe nailed the rafters / trusses from both sides. Thanks

I’m trying to figure out how to upload photos but something has changed; if i can i’ll upload them.

See here:

Just call what you see.
You only call what you can see.
No need to purger yourself for a few bucks…Huh?

Plenty of homes in Central Florida have deficient Roof To Wall connections. Sometimes they forget a section, or lose track while they nail them off, or forget to install some in the tie-beam or top plate, etc.

Record what you see and be sure you can back it up when asked.

And by the way, use a painter’s pole or similar device to extend your photographic reach.


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Thanks Larry

no clips or straps. thats toenails. mark it and keep it movin

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Yep! That is just a truss gusset plate.

Clips and straps as well as iron plates where used in the early 50’s on.
Back then Teco was the big supplier before Simpson and they were called teco clips, straps, blocks and plates.
If you see one being renovated you might want to take pictures, I think I might have some.
For gables ends we used to set the end truss on the wall and use 2"x 4" temporary blocks and bracing, then put straps on both ends and in the middle on the outside.
So you would not really see them, and then you put plywood (Best) or insulation board on the gable end.
If you see the old hurricane clips on the others or not, there are more than likely straps on the outside of the frame, for gables.
On the trusses in the middle, some guy’s like my self used 3" screws, coming up through the top plate of the wall into the bottom side of the truss, inside and outside. ( so not to split the truss )
On your picture, you can see only one truss w/ no nails or fasteners ( they would have most likely nailed or screwed them from the bottom )

Clearly these guy’s did not use the hurricane clips on this truss, ( maybe a home owner build ).

Also we were told back then that you only needed hurricane clips on every other truss or rafter, ( we put them on all of them ). This is just two years before Florida was turned upside down with codes after Hurricane Andrew.

I used to live and build in Miami and homestead it was a mess, ( My builds are still there thank GOD)

If you talk to some older framers or builders, we continue to call the nails for all strapping, TECO nails.
1990 homes with trusses and beams in the villages, if done by any Contractor, they would have used the methods listed above.
That’s why I believe you are looking at a possible home owner drinking party build.