22 inch wide air return- filter

Ran across a newly installed furance and return duct with a 24" wide filter which sticks out the side of the filter slot. Since this doesn’t seem to be standard size return should I have the home owner call the HVAC contractor.

How about here?

contractors sometime may have as a example duct return 24 x 20.
They may have installed a filter sized 25 x 20. this still totally incloses the air flow and is doing its job. it may stick out 1" to simply grab on to when replacing. This is bad for attics where attic air will suck into the filter door area.

Personally I’d rather that a part of the filter does stick out. It makes it easier to grab hold of to replace.


I’d sooner see and inch sticking out, than too short which does no good. I don’t see any big deal with it, but then again in our part of the country, we don’t put furnaces in attics either?
Simple solution…tell them to purchase those washable type that you can cut to fit any size.