220 electrical circuit

I have a secondary box in my shop off the main line. It is hooked to a 50 amp double pole circuit breaker in the main box. Only one pole is being used and the other white wire is connected to neutral bus. I want 220 volts in my shop. Can I hook both the white and black wire in the main panel to the double pole circuit breaker and then get 220 volts in my shop circuit box if I now hook both black and white wire to my hot bus in the shop

For safety, you should hire a qualified electrician.

If the system does not require a neutral yes if the white wire is changed to a coloured wire White wire can only be used as a neutral Red marker red tape could do the job remember you do require a ground wire .
The system is now called 240 volts has not been 220 volts for 40~ years +
Does the load require a 50 amp breaker is the wire the correct size for a 50 amp breaker .

Sure Ken, why not. But, before you do that I recommend that you ensure your home insurance fire coverage is paid up and also take out an additional $1M life insurance policy on yourself. Don’t want your family to do without, you know.

Seriously, Hire an Electrician!

Yup, hire an electrician, sorry Ken but this isn’t a DIY forum.

No, you would get a 240 volt circuit.

6 AWG wire required so not overload the conductors… Otherwise, don’t see why not if your grounding is properly installed as required. Tape the common white wire with red tape.

If they do this they will lose the ability to have any 120 loads out there.

Exactly…and if HI’s with some electrical knowledge support this new member in doing what they propose then they are liable when the guy does it and still wants 120V circuits…and ends up saying…hey wait…can’t this bare conductor do both the grounding and grounded needs…:shock:

Just remember…you can NOT use the Bare Copper, or Green Conductor (which ever you may have) as a current carrying conductor(Hot or Neutral)…do not try to use it to do anything other than it’s intended purpose…just because it is there, it looks similar to the other conductors in your panel…DO NOT get the urge or temptation to terminate it anywhere other than where it is already terminated (while i’m hoping it was actually done right in the first place as well)…the life you take might be your own or someone you love.

Mr. Original poster…call an Electrician and do it right or do a search on the internet for Electrical DIY Forums and hash it out there and let them assume the liability.


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