25 amp breaker with 12 gauge wiring for water heater

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Roy, aren’t you a retired electrician? What say you? :slight_smile:

I do not see size or type of wire …
Retired in 1997 dropped my licence then and have no code books.

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But, I bet it is very close to correct.

#12 is limited to 20 amps unless for a motor or compressor load, neither of which apply.

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Installation instructions for this unit call for 25 amp, #10 wire.

25 amp breakers are hard to find so a 30 amps will most likely be needed.

Minimum circuit size is:

4500/240=18.75*125%=23.4 amps

#12 is only good for 20 amps unless one of the load types that Jim mentioned.

#10 is the minimum conductor size and if the manufacturer’s instructions says to use a 25 amp OCPD then that is the maximum OCPD size. Typically these are fed with #10 conductors on a 30 amp circuit.