$250,000 is Peanuts....

for most small business’s to make. Also, obama never said if that amount is Gross or Net. The corner grocer right up the street from me, earns that much just off of Coffee and Biscuits in the mornings. Think of all the people who earn that much, Television Stars and News people,(justice) Actor’s, Sports Figures, Attorneys, Home Inspection Tycoon’s,(no JB, that was not racist) Builder’s, Investor’s, CEO’s, I bet there are going to be more that switch their choice, since obama spilled the beans about Wealth Redistribution.

…and one week from today, he will be your President.

He will never be my President.

Unless you intend to renounce your citizenship…he is your President.

May have to go live with Raoy!

Kenny, guaranteed religious freedom does not extend to political choices, the fact that you can constitutionally the choose your very own personal Saviour does not automatically mean that you can pick your own president.

At the end of the voting process the individual surrenders to the majority of the collective. America has majority rule, I know that to you this decision process smacks of communism but believe me that is how America has been choosing their president for over two hundred years.

That being said though, I don’t think anyone would mind if you choose to keep the current president as your very own, god knows you probably won’t be able to distinguish his lame duck presidential performance from his post presidential performance anyway.