With a Landslide Victory Assured...Obama Goes to Work

Here you go.

Go for it. We pulled $850,000,000,000 out of Uncle Sam’s @$$ for the Wall Street fat cats and pork-feeding politicians, so what’s another $150,000,000,000?

It will be another Carter administration; short and not too sweet.


We’ve got to crash and burn before the people will wake up. Entitlements are killing the country and have single handedly caused the current financial disaster.

There is NO free lunch!

And the Obama promotion of the welfare state continues.

Is anyone paying attention?

Of course someone’s paying attention.

Every “entitlement minded”, “gimmie, gimmie, gimmie”, mentality is counting their welfare checks and free med care as we speak…or type.

Promise everything.

It won’t be long before Obama promises food in everyones fridge…:slight_smile:

I’m afraid we are outnumbered Jae.:frowning:

That’s the biggest problem of living in a democracy Mike :mrgreen::wink:

There’s a lot to be said for benevolent dictatorships



Then you probably won’t be surprised when the same thing happens at the voting booth, one of the talking-heads this morning predicted an Obama win with over 330 electoral votes. WOW!

Joey, I’m sure you will be very happy as a ward of the state. :wink:

Mikey, did you really expect another four more years of this idiocy & shame? This is a country of, for & by the people and the people are speaking and speaking loudly, better luck in eight years. :roll:

I don’t eat chillings. I do like watermelon though. And I do like Popeye’s Spicy Chicken. Maybe this guy won’t be so bad if I have a menu to choose from.:stuck_out_tongue:

Typical white trash response, thanks for nothing.

I’m afraid it’ll be a rather unitary menu. When everything is capped or otherwise controlled by a central government there is no incentive for competion. Especially in medical or pharmceutical research, why do it? There would be no way to recuperate research and development costs, so we would be pretty much at the end of our nation’s progress in that respect. Anyone “waiting for a cure” would be relegated to “waiting for Godot”.

But, that’s socialism.

This has been a…

“Typical white trash response, thanks for nothing.”


Please return to your individual ennui.

Good word, thanks.