Three coat stucco

I don’t see stucco often and have a few questions.

This is three coat hard surface stucco on a 6 yr. old house in Wisconsin.

From what I understand cracks smaller than 1/16 of an inch are common and just need to be sealed correct?

I have attached three pictures. First one is a picture of the base of the wall near the ground. It looks like there is proper clearance but the finished edge looks sloppy to me. Is this normal?

The second picture is a crack between windows. From what I understand this is normal. Should I just recommend having sealed by a stucco installer…

The last picture is of a gap at the transition of the gable end cedar siding and stucco. I am recommending evaluation and repairs by a stucco installer…

I also noticed a stain going down the cedar siding above and continuing down the stucco. I am recommend a licensed contractor explore ways to rout surface water away from the siding…

Your thought are appreciated. I am working on the report and want to make sure I am giving my client the best advice!

Thank you!

First off, that’s a terrible stucco application.

Having said that, stucco cracks - period. There’s not much that can be done to stop it, but good building practices can reduce it.

Most stucco cracks don’t need to be sealed.

Thank you Jeff.

Really bad job. Hard coat stucco on lath should be 7/8" thick. That’s not even close and there is exposed lath. No casing bead or weep screed on bottom. Recommend another coat of stucco for that one.

Thank you Brad.

Mike, how much of that home is stucco? Can you post the four elevation photos?

You might consider recommending stucco inspection by one of these guys from the EDI.

Mark Parlee
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moisture intrusion & construction defects investigations & resolution.
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Mike, how much of the home stucco, can you post the elevation photos?

You might consider recommending a stucco inspection by one of these guys from the EDI

Definitely not a 3 coat stucco application if lathe is left exposed.
This would visibly be a one (1) to two (2) coat stucco application by pictured deficiencies…
and in need of further stucco review and additional repair.
Defer and recommend accordingly…

Thank you all, I sent the report out yesterday. I did differ it to a specialist. Here are some more pics.

Blessings on your day all.

Thanks for posting the additional pictures; I do see problems with the installation details.
No kick out flashing, no backer rod sealant joint at the window perimeters, no weep screed at the base of the assembly, problematic transition at wood to stucco transition, and I’m sure there are a multitude of others.
You did well to defer to a specialist.

Mark Parlee
The Building Consultant
“Real Solutions for Real Problems”

Thank you Mark!

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I didn’t : ) notice.

There’s water behind that stucco.Has been for years.

After sawing the above pictures anyone can easily said that there are lot of constructional flaws as well as metal roofing problems. So it is more beneficial for you if you renew it by some constructional expert person. Also there is flaw in the roof and windows design & installation of pipes. Please check the post service provided by the constructor or not.

Education time for me, please:

Geff Spry - What tips you off, in the pictures, about water being there for years?

Mr. Berta - Which pipes? I don’t see any (My eye prescription has elapsed already, so be nice)
What is the design flaw in the roof? Windows?

Thanks you.

Thanks Arnold I have the same questions. :shock:

[quote=“agonzalez1, post:16, topic:91731”]

Education time for me, please:

Geff Spry - What tips you off, in the pictures, about water being there for years?

First pic appears to be no screed trapping any water being let in from 3rd? pic where the wood siding(wet) meets the stucco and the gaps(you can see the screen) in it as well water entry point).There also seems to be staining unless it’s just unpainted in areas which will also contribute.Stucco is not waterproof even under excellent install conditions.

Thanks, Geff