3-day Advanced CMI workshop in Columbus, OH on September 28-29-30, 2006.


Hi Everyone

Thanks for the interest in the Workshop.

About the Workshop … the Workshop Website tells a lot about the event. It is the same information that is posted on the NACHI Site. A direct link is …


The information on the NACHI Site has a direct link and it is …


Further there has been** a good bit of discussion about the Workshop on the NACHI Membership Message Board **… if you haven’t read this stuff then maybe you will find this interesting. Posted there is some stuff I wrote about the course and some responses. It has been viewed over 350 times with 13 postings. Its direct link is


As you might have read, personally, I am a working Professional Building Inspector and have had yeas lots of experience teaching building inspection.

This course came about because NACHI’s founder Nick Gromicko, prodding and pushed me into developing an “Advanced Inspection” course. About the course, I am proud to say that there is nothing like this that is being offered anywhere in the country that comes even close to being what I have developed at any price.

These 3 days are for the Advanced Inspector who wants to Do More by Growing His Business, and to Make More by making himself and his business as Profitable and as Safe as possible and then who wants to Keep More of what he earns. Does this sound like you ??

Is this course “worth it” … well, maybe I am not an impartial guy to ask, but something that I had posted on the message board went something like this:

*About fees … My professional hourly engineering fee is in excess of $ 200 per hour … however, that is somebody else’s money … as for your bucks, is this Workshop worth it ?? …well is this Workshop a “good deal” ??? … is this Workshop worth the cost ??? *

*How can I answer that … let me try to this way … *

*Well, what is it worth to you to NOT get sued ?? *

*What is it worth to you to start a commercial inspection division of your existing company ?? One commercial inspection will pay for this entire workshop 3 times over. *

***I give you my word that This Workshop will be far more that just Worth what you pay for it, and it will be a Lot of Fun to attend. ***

I am offering a Workshop in September in Ohio, and in Columbus then in October in OrlandoFlorida and in November in Penn.

Think everybody that attends will have a great time.

Truly I do hope to see you there.