Great education opportunity

I just attended a 3 day advanced inspection workshop in Orlando, Fl. This is highly recommended course for any experienced and/or new inspector… The course is presented by Steve Jawitz, P.E. owner of All building inspections and inspector network in Miami, Fl. If you guys and girls have never met him you are really missing out!! Steve is a licensed Engineer, General contractor and building inspector and has been for 30 years. His course is very informative and will make all of you stand back and look at the way you inspect, write reports and to cover your ASSets from the predators out there ( Lawyers)… The way this guy presents his course is not only very educational but fun too… I have been an inspector for 6+ years and I really thought I did a good job when it came to report writing, but I found out how wrong I was… The course is so highly endorsed by NACHI that they a offering you 2 years worth of EC’s to attend for 24 Hrs… Your next or first years membership fee for only $50. There are several more inducements for taking the course but in my opinion none them are nearly as important as the education that you receive from his sharing of a careers worth of experience (14.000 inspections) and tricks of the trade… DON’T miss this opportunity when he has a class in your area…:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Paul Ciszek
All Pro Home Inspections LLC
Winter Haven, Fl.