30 amp breaker/12 gauge wiring for generator

30 amp breaker with 12 gauge wiring supplying generator outlet out in detached garage. Should be 10 gauge wiring, correct? TIA.

If that is set up to back feed the panel with a generator, I would have a licensed Electrician remove that set up and installed the right way before someone gets killed.

Both improper way to connect generator and improper wire size…

I agree with the others this should be removed and installed properly by a licensed electrician.

Its an inlet, not an outlet, and code still applies to it. Recommend an electrician for further evaluation.

At minimal, if owner wants to keep this code violating setup & CO’s are already passed, put a 20A breaker or smaller before the house burns down during an outtage.

At a minimum, I would call a qualified electrician to install a proper transfer switch so as not to electrocute the utility worker down the road.

Exactly, Marcel…:shock:

…There, fixed. It needs repair/correction.

Exactly, Marcel…:shock:

…There, fixed. It needs repair/correction. You have already evaluated it. :slight_smile:

I agree, this is very dangerous in it’s current state and must be corrected or removed.