Generator transfer switch

I have a standard 30 amp 10 circuit manual generator transfer switch that I want to install. It’s pretty straight forward having a tail that you install to the service panel with a ground wire, a neutral wire, and corresponding circuit wire pairs for the ten circuits. Red to the breaker and black to the load side.

I have two, 150 amp Square D main service panels and the loads that I want to back up are split between them. My question is; Can I just splice onto the neutral and ground tails from the transfer switch and extend them up to both service panels or do I have to move the loads that I want to back up into one service panel?

Thanks for any input.


Don’t know your experience in home wiring…but in the past year, I have have called in electricians to correct items found in 2 generator panels installed by homeowners. The crazy thing is the last one was done by the realtor/husband of one of our most successful realtors- I was the inspector for the gent that bought their home.

Hell, they had money…both drove Lexus’ and the barely 20 year old son drove an Audi- all very new. Why would they do this themselves??

Be wery, wery careful!!

I believe Generators must be totally isolated when in use.

It looks like I’m going to have to move all of the circuits that I want backed up onto a single panel.

you may want to check with your local utility’s some want to know if a generator is going to being used. Being isolated insures linemen do not get zapped.

One thing to remember, u can be sued. The transfer switch should have both an elec. enterlock and a mechanical enterlock which prevents backfeed onto the utility co. lines, if wired correctly. So, the right parts, and the wiring PROPERLY INSTALLED u should be ok. Code wise, it is a sperately derived sys. so treat it as a seperate service to the building, disconnecting means, grounding and bonding etc. the first panel is the service panel, all others are sub-panels, all rules apply.

Got 'er did! Had to swap a total of ten circuits between panels to put all of the circuits that I wanted to back up onto a single panel.

OK, I see cables missing being properly secured, a panel mounted over steps resulting in improper workspace clearences. Possibly too many breakers in the panel or panels.

A missing stud.

Anyone else?

The cables are wired clamped at the panels. The loose cables you see are actually inside the wall, I installed a door below the panels to facilitate moving circuits from one panel to another. The steps are coming out in favor of a pull down set of stairs. this arrangement is in a garage.

The cables are still required to be secured at the proper intervals. In your case it would be within 12" of the box and then no more than 4.5’ for the NM cables.

The wires are secured within 12" of the box as they are wire clamped at the panel and “J” box.