Generator Back Up

Why would you want to hire a licensed electrician to install one of those expensive generator switches and panel when you can do it yourself for pennies on the dollar. Just back feed the panel thru the meter socket

:shock: :shock: :shock:

Love it!..Florida ROCKS…sad thing is that it probably WAS installed my an electrical contractor!

Never seen this before. What’s photo 1 showing? Hard to see. No obvious problem to me.

Thats an RV outlet. 120V 30 amp No problem assuming it is wired right.

Except you may kill someone working on the damaged line that you just plugged your power into!

Breakers only break the hot legs…

Oh yea, neutrals don’t carry nothing does they?!

What am I thinking…

Where’s the generator come into play? I don’t see one. The panel itself was designed that way. Please educate me to the problem.

Those 30 amp 120V outlets even fool licensed electricians, many have wired them to 240V and smoked customers RV’s.

The only problem is if they double tapped into the meter box, but of course it may have additional lugs installed in there for the other service panel.

The cable is not properly attached to the house.
The cable is probably not rated for service use either.
Did the power company put an anti-tamper tag on the meter box?

I was just answering the original post that incorrectly referred to it as a generator hookup.

Of course someone can rig up a cable and backfeed that 120V RV outlet but that is the case with any outlet.

Is this truly for a generator hookup (only 120 volts)? If this is connected to the load side of the meter there are likely some violations as it’s installed.

1-The enclosure would need to be service rated.

2-There would need to be a connection to the grounding electrode system.

3-The meter enclosure would require suitable lugs for more than one conductor.

There are some issues as mentioned by others in this thread.