30-Minute FREE Sneak Peek at the HVAC Class


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A sneak peek into the HVAC online training course for property inspectors

Thanks for the sneak peek. They had some useful information. I just wish that you had filmed it in two segments. We don’t use the heat that often in Central Florida. But I know that it is almost impossible to produce one that would fit everyone’s need.

It’s a 17-hour training video. We don’t cover only heat for 17 hours.
The course topics are listed at http://www.nachi.org/hvacclass2008.htm
Which includes… not only heat but…

  • Heat Pump Systems: Components, Cycle, Operation
  • Thermostats and Controls
  • Ventilation, Air Filtration, Humidification, Dehumidification, Air Circulation
  • Humidification Devices and Systems: Induct, Bypass, Portable, Specialty
  • Central Cooling Systems: Refrigeration Cycle, Compressor, Condenser, Fan, Metering Devices, Valves, Evaporator, Coils
  • Evaporative Cooling Systems
  • System Defects: Identification, Recognition and Diagnosis
  • Basic Performance Evaluation
  • Inspection Tools
  • Cooling systems are taken apart to demonstrate how they work. Actual inspections are performed on numerous HVAC systems.

And even if cooling is the only thing you want to know learn… At the $74 price - it’s a no-brainer.