$300,000 Lawsuit: Piercing Corporate Veil

Just an FYI…


Thanks for posting Larry

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Inspectors could benefit by knowing that a corporation is not always a safety net, Ian. :smile:

Totally agree Larry

I kinda wish I was back just starting out inspecting. I believe it would be a pleasure working with you. :smile:

Don’t get me wrong…Retirement is great! But you seem like a quality person to do business with, from what I hear, read and see.

Nothing new here. Cover your ass, no one else is going to!

I am wondering what a “king jack stud” is though.

People call 'em different names:


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Thanks Larry, but I knew that (some people call the jacks, trimmers), two different parts! Unless you frame like this (which I’ve unbelievebly seen more than once in flips):

So is that a “King Jack stud”? Just combine the two parts to save on lumber?

I would use a full stud and a “trimmer”, as you referred to it, for proper framing. IMHO

I thought a King Stud was what women always looked for. LOL



Caught my attention as well… King studs and jack studs are not the same and I’ve never heard the term “king jack stud.”

But we digress…

There is a king stud and a jack stud (sometimes known as a trimmer). There is no king jack stud. Whoever wrote that article either made a typo but more likely didn’t know better.

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One or the other for sure Simon.

Probably a regional thing, but my understanding of a “trimmer stud” would equate to a “split jack-stud.”

Must be regional, cause I never heard of that one.

Thanks! The feeling is mutual! We will have to get you out of retirement, LOL

Here’s a clue… Move your business to Florida, here your homestead and retirement funds are secured from attachment.

That’s great…but then you’d have to live in Florida. LOL!

Interesting. The grand total of the problems didn’t sound like they’d hit $300K, much less just the basement issues.
But the lesson is clear. Do a good job and get E&O insurance.
Even a win in court is small compensation for the angst, trouble, time, and cost.

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