US Inspect issue

I don’t know how many of you out there have been working with US Inspect as their independent contractor in your area, so you may not be aware of this or care. US Inspect was just acquired by Chasm Capital and the name changed to US Inspect Group. The new entity says they have no responsibility for the monies owed to independent contractor inspectors by US Inspect. In may case it’s several thousand dollars and I was wondering if there are enough others out there to start a class action lawsuit.

Sorry to hear the bad news.
Don’t waste your time with “class action” anything. Read whatever contract you had with the former entity, and take them to court for your unpaid monies. I doubt you’d win, but small claims is pretty inexpensive.

They did an asset purchase only so you won’t be getting paid from them.


They owe me $6550.00. for 2 months worth of inspections. I have another post on here if you search for Chantilly it comes up.

I want to organize everyone who is owed money from them. But look at the BBB review for USI, there are definitely a lot of other inspectors who got stiffed, not sure how to contact them. My attorney said we can follow through on it if there are enough people and money involved, he discouraged me to file a case based on “principles”. Would need 20 plaintiffs, and a decent total unpaid $ number.

All I know is USI got paid for all the inspections (I spoke with Home Partners) but we didn’t. Isn’t that theft of services by a middleman?

I know this is older, but just talked to an old friend of mine, he got totally screwed. He was a regional manager with tons of stock in the company. He lost everything that he has worked decades for.

They tried to hire me to run Florida a few years ago, glad I turned them down.

PS - Someone from HouseCheck just called my son a couple of days ago trying to hire him. They claim to be in the process of buying USI.

They’re making the same old claim that every one of these companies have made for decades. They claim that they are taking over the HI industry LOL.

For those of us that have been around a while, how many times have we heard that? Remember when Sears, Land America (or something like that), USI and half a dozen others over the decades.