I am new in the inspection field and have been a carpenter for over 10 years now. I have a couple questions on the insurance side…
I have seen a post yesterday about someone asking about were they could get liability ins. i have been researching E & O Insurance… Do you recommend both or will one work as well as the other. As for being a carpenter i have an 1milllion dollar liability insurance already, so feed back would be great…

Also would like to complement everyone on the message board it is really a wealth of information. Take care

Mike Martell

Liability is for when you put your ladder through the window and they want a new window, E&O when you miss something and they want you to pay for a new house.
I believe I’m dropping the GL insurance.

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Look for posts by Shuyler for insurance. Also type in

Also. remember to check out
Use that as a front door to your E&O, and lower your premium by raising your deductible!