4 Custom sized NACHI shirts available...

I have to special order for some custom sized NACHI shirts for Will Decker (a very tall guy) and need to fill the order up with 4 more odd sized shirts. Men’s sizes range from XS-5XL (including tall sizes). Women’s sizes range from XS-3XL. If you need an odd size shirt call me directly at 720.519.0801 M-F or email lisa.endza@nachi.org if interested.


Lisa, you made an error in your Avatar… you put up a PIC of Gary Johnson.


Poor Oscar.
He gets no respect.

Only 2 Left…

What is “odd sized?”


With the size of that gut of yours, you better get on this custom size list…

I wear a XXL Tall. Is that an odd size?
If so, I’ll take a shirt, please!

I’m 6’4", and I still have to look up to Will…

I would like to add my sincere thanks to Nick and Lisa. A couple of days ago, Nick posted that the faqir Amanda had a number of NACHI shirts that she was giving away.

I asked for one.

As some of you know, I am an ‘odd sized’ guy.

Next thing I know, Nick is e-mailing back that he will special order some for me. Liza calls and asks my size.

I am overwhelmed with the generousity.

You have my sincere thanks.

Its that third sleeve that kinda creeps you out.:wink:

Throw me in for a XL long if you have one. Thanks Hey Nick, looks like you better lay off the vino. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

By odd sizes i mean XS, womens sizes, 2x-5x & tall sizes.

I’ll take an XS womens please…and donate it to your avatar :wink:

Welcome to the laugh factory Lisa.

Got ya, :oops: 2x Tall would do nicely if this is what you are ordering. :smiley: Thanks. Sorry for th miss sizing.

Thanks for the huge response… Everyone who contacted me with an “odd” shirt size got a shirt ordered. I will contact everyone once the order arrives (probably next week).


Thanks Lisa! :slight_smile:

Thanks Lisa. I am sure we BIG people greatly appreciate the thought. :smiley:

Will lives right around the corner from me, and you’re right - he IS big.

But I can still outrun him.