4 Hour Webinar - Electrical Inspection Defect Recognition

4 Hour - How to perform electrical inspections webinar. The cost is $30.00 and includes the 4 hour presentation as well as free access to Part II of this series on Grounding and Bonding for Home Inspectors when it is produced.

This presentation registration page is here :http://www.anymeeting.com/PIID=EC52DE878147

P.S. This webinar was already produced and is ready to be viewed once you are registered


Is this different than the NACHI.TV Electrical Inspection Training Video?

$30 for four hours of top notch education?..count me in!


Well…it does not follow the layout of the book or NACHI series. It is based on my presentation that I have done at conferences or individual events. The thing about electrical training is…it will always appear to be the same but tidbits of valuable information is always newly presented each time a presentation is done.

This one is me teaching the basics of electrical inspections with some advanced details. BUT those who watch it will also get access to the Grounding and Bonding Series that is still in the works.

I will take all the electrical training I can get - I need it. When I buy, do I need to schedule a 4 hour block or is this something I can download and save and start/stop to suit my schedule? I’m hoping I can download it as with anything electrical I need to watch it six times to get it.

I’m taking your course now. Great course. Well worth it.

You can watch it over and over

It is not downloadable. However, just write down the time you stop and when you log back in to watch it again fast forward to that point and begin watching. I have a FPE presentation coming very soon…dispelling all the information about FPE panels and associated devices.

When it is coming…should be in the next few weeks and it also will be webinar based.

I watched it and found it to be informative. I was able to pause it and come back to it later.

Excellent…see even I don’t know what the freakin webinar system can do. Thanks fella for posting.

Awesome. I set aside 4 hours on Wednesday for this. Thanks Paul!

Excellent…I have a great one on Federal Pacific coming very soon also…some good images and video. Keep your eyes open for that one if you see alot of FPE panels.

Hey Guys…Those interested in watching this webinar need to hurry as I will probably be shutting it down here in about another week. Those that are to get the grounding and bonding portion…you will still get that as I am still going to finish the short segment on that very soon and let you know.

Thanks Paul.

Still available online…http://www.anymeeting.com/AccountManager/RegEv.aspx?PIID=EC52DE878147

For those of you who have been waiting for Part 2 on Grounding and Bonding…I am working on it as we speak so it should be available to you very soon.

Great Paul I am looking forward to the one on FPE!

Ironically you should say that…footage is being worked on for that right now.

Paul, are you using the FPE panel I sent you, always look forward to your educational video’s.