Electrical Inspection Training Online

Hello Guys,

Starting May 5th, 2007 I will be holding live online seminars consisting of 4-5 hours.

it will only cost you for confrencing 7.20 for 3 hours and 14.40 for the whole 6 hours and a one time .53 cent connect fee ( could be longer with questions and interaction )

Point is…I will be holding online seminars from your live computer, voice interaction and live voice confrences and my powerpoint presentation with interaction LIVE.

You will sit at your computer…and I will take care of the rest…view my presentation and hear me teach you and answer your questions LIVE online…it is my NACHI approved electrical inspection training class I have done nationwide.

The cost of this seminar is $ 50.00 and will include a PDF of the entire program at the end of the seminar.

If you are interested in taking my very popular electrical class but can’t take time off to travel…email me for more details on these up coming seminars.

  • if you have AllTel, Verizon and so on that has a form of " My Circle " or the ability to submit a phone number to call that costs you nothing…we can provide the conference call number and it wont cost you a dime…

I am impressed by this- When you plan on offering the program, I will send same to each of my 422 Home Inspection Graduates. I think that there is never enough education related to electrical. Even if the state does not allow us to do everything associated with advanced electric, it is extremely useful to each and every active home inspector.

Very great idea, and much luck and success in this endeavor.


e-mail me with the details, when you have time. Thanks again. BILL

Thanks Bill…Quite simple really and anyone can do it.

The class I am Seminar I am starting first is not advanced…it is the one I do all over the US for Nachi Certified Education…just doing it online as so many want the education but can’t take the time off to travel…so I will be doing seminars online…this will be the first one…

Keep the attendance down to 10 at a time…to allow interaction and questions…and should be nice.


Electrical Inspections for Home Inspectors - May 5, 2007

Online Seminar - Cost $ 50.00 per person ( Limited to first 10 inspectors )

Location : at the comfort of your home in front of your very own PC or MAC

The first online seminar is scheduled for May 5, 2007, for those who are interested and have no attended my seminar in the past or had one cancelled recently and would like to attend please e-mail me at

Seminars@theelectricalguru.com and I will send you the credit card authorization form and required information.

  • You will need a PC or MAC connection to the internet and a free phone line to call into the conference call center to be LIVE with 10 others and me to hear my seminar, ask me questions and to interact in a live environement.

I will provide the information to log in 1 hour before the seminar starts and provide the conference call phone number to dial. I suggest using ( 10-10- 987 ) at only 4 cents a minute to conference call and no long distance provider is needed. The calls should only cost you about $ 15.00 dollars for the entire 4-5 hour seminar. ( depending on the number of questions asked )

Again this is limited to the FIRST ten people wanting to attend the seminar and contact me and I will e-mail you the authorization form you must fill out and submit atleast 5 days before the seminar date listed above.

The good thing about this is…one person could have 3-5 or more guys over to their house…or I could do a seminar to an entire chapter for one single $ 50.00 fee…

  • Minimum of 5 individual attendee’s but unlimted viewers per attendee.

OK ,now I am intrested.us folks out here in the hills could benifit from this…if I could figure out how to do it.Does it require web cam or toher special tools here on my end? Or do I just log into confernce room online and call on cell phone to get audio?

Hello Elizabeth,

It only requires you have a DSL or Cable internet access and a phone line. It will simply not work if all you have is a dial up connection as the bandwidth is too great…for the full interactive experience.

Basically when the seminar is ready…you visit a website I give you, log in with the session code I give you and then call the phone number I give you…use 10 10 987 then dial the number to get the cheapest phone rates…and then my presentation will come up on your computer, you will hear my seminar with 9 other people…and you listen, watch the screen, ask questions and do ANYTHING you would in my normal seminar without leaving your house.

No Cam needed…no special tools either

SICK WORLD…trying to HELP being education to people and someone gives a negative mark…I can GUESS who did this…I am sure but the coward left no name after…

Electrical Inspection…4/22/07 11:51 PM

Thats ok Paul I just gave you a greenie, thanks for all of your hard work and input.

Thanks bruce…it is just sad…you try to come up with ways to bring education when so many are saying they can’t afford it and cancelling events and then someone JERK gives a negative box and not even list their name…such a same…

Sad thing is…I am seeing this more and on …

Amazing enough I never get GREEN boxes except in support…never get any for the electrical HELPING posts…simply amazing system we have here…anyway…thanks Bruce.

Still have a few openings left for the first class May 5th, limited to 10 people…

Hey Paul,
great job!

Unfortunatly May 5 is Derby day, so I hope you run the training
again as I would love to join in!


Crud. :frowning: I just had to give up High Speed when I moved. I really wanted to do this. :frowning: