4 Point Inspection and Stab Lock

So Far all my 4 Point Inspections have not had FPE Stab Lock panels. Today, I had two homes with these. There is no recall on these. How have you Florida Inspectors been calling these out on 4 point Inspections?

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List what it is and let the insurance company decide what to do with it. They may want written certification from a licnesed electrician.

That is absolutely right Bill. I report what is there and let the insurance company and homeowner hammer out the details.

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Yup, let the lawyers and insurance agents sort it out.

Put the following on page 4

The panel was manufactured by Federal Pacific Electric Company and employs Stablok breakers and other components that have been alleged to be defective. However, the panel is old and the company is now out of business, and although field reports of defects and dangers were never apparently substantiated by laboratory tests they have been numerous and serious enough for us to recommend either upgrading the panel or seeking a second opinion. Also, you can learn more about this issue from Dan Friedman at www.inspect-ny.com/fpe/fpepanel.htm.

I don’t find the Stab lock to be an issue because the panel is over 30 years old. That alone will require that it be updated. No where on the form does it ask for the panel manufacturer.

I always report FPE panels and then give my clients a link to my website.

This is a four point not a home inspection. The insurance company is going to require that anything over 30 years old be upgraded. Therefor the stab-lock is not an issue that needs to be noted other than it is over 30 years old.