Federal Pacific

I just wanted to check - did a house that was built in 1956, has a Federal Pacific panel, but it does not have the Stablock logo or name on it. All the origianl labels appear present. I was wondering if this “pre-dates” the stablock panels and if it is still a problem.
I have never seen one that is NOT a stablock, and thought maybe this was a different design??? Thanks!

It would make it into my report for evaluation by a licensed Electrician for no other reason than age. 60 years old is due for an upgrade IMO.

Any pics of the panel interior? It’s pretty easy to spot a stab-lok.

Jeff, what’s your general cut-off for age on a panel? I agree at 60 years given that’s the life expectancy, but I routinely recommend evaluation at even 50 years. Just curious.

Stupid is as stupid does…

It works or it doesn’t.

problem: you just need to know how to inspect these things…

The whole friggin’ place is gonna burn!:smiley:
Use the search please.

From what I understand, you’re in Florida so it does not matter. The panel requires replacement simply due to its brand as insurance companies will not insure a home with a FPE or Zinsco panel.

That isn’t true.
Most will not insure a home with FPE “Stab-Lok” breakers. Some will.
Several will insure a home with Zinsco. Some won’t.
Some will insure a home with polybutylene piping…and not cover any defects related to polybutylene…some won’t…:wink:
Some will insure a house with a shingle roof over 20 years old…some won’t.

As to the fact that it is 60 years old, was it functioning as intended? If you are going to recommend “evaluation”, might as well recommend “evaluation” for anything else in the home that hasn’t been replaced. Should make for an easy inspection! :cool:

Well screw it all…

I have 270 condo units to inspect thermally.
Insurance required replacement of all panels. I presented thermal analysis, at a lower cost to their client, they went with it…

Thank all of you “Chicken Little” Inspectors for a big fat paycheck!

I’m sure you’re right Eric as you have been doing this inspection gig for at least a few days now :mrgreen:

Every time I mention that FPE panels are not necessarily a “ticking time bomb,” I invariably get pounded by a FL inspector telling me it must be replaced “cuz this is Florida…” :roll:

Things are different in every area. FPE & Zinsco are something I always call out. I have Electrician friends that look at these and they say about 70% of them are found functional after a complete inspection including removing all breakers, etc. but there is that 30% per them that do need replacement. It is not my job to make that decision I make note of known issues and recommend further evaluation by the licensed electrician. And before anyone jumps on the I have electrician friends NO I do not refer trades I let the REA do that.

As for age, I have a comment for panels 30+ years old which is a common cutoff in my area by most inspectors.

Not this one! :slight_smile:

Now it is down to 30 years? :shock:

I’ve run across several companies that will insure the homes with FPE panels. But then some have not - it depends on the insurer. Several years ago, if you just mentions “Federal Pacific” or “Polybutyene”, before you finished, the insurer would cry “NO!” Now, some have relaxed. Some don’t ask the brand of the panel…

I appreciate all the constructive criticism… The panel should be replaced anyway because of its age, and the fact it has no main shutoff - about 15 breakers to throw to shut off power… I’ve just never seen an FPE panel that wasn’t labelled as “Stablock” and wondered if that was significant. I’m thinking it’s no different, just old labeling that doesn’t mention the stablock design.

I don’t use a general cut-ff per se, but typically most panels older than the 1970’s usually find their way into my report for many possible reasons including actual defects such as rust/corrosion, not just their age. A very predominate reason is I am in Minnesota, where temps/conditions vary greatly month to month, such as currently it is -6f/-36f wind chill to summer of +100f/100% humidity getting so bad in our basements the humidity condenses on any cooler surface (especially electrical conduit/boxes/fixtures) and drips off as if it is actually raining inside! I remember a home a few years ago so bad, I swore there was a burst pipe somewhere! Anyway, along with that, I still find many homes with fused panels, perhaps 1 or 2 every couple of weeks.
Hope that helps some.

Yeah…I gave up trying to EDUCATE folks on the facts…they just dwell in urban legends I guess. To each his own.

Yes you are. :mrgreen:

Guess I will find out when I get there in another handfull of years. :|__)

Yet, still, no one answered the question.

Are there Federal Pacific panels that are NOT Stab locks?

Google searches seem inconclusive.

Yes, of course. Even though some FPE panels do not bear the Stab-loc brand, their bus connection is always a similar stab. FPE manufactured fuse panels as well.