4 point price commercial

Question----Have a 15K SF club house 4 baths, 1 kitchen, 4 water heaters, 10 HVAC’s what is a fair charge for this ? Thanks

figure out about how much time you think it may take in relation to a normal 4 point.

If this is a bid someone will likely do it for less than you think it is worth. tHAT always seems to happen to me with multiple wind mits.

You may want to ask their insurance agency what they will accept as you do not want to have to go back because they want something you do not normally provide.

yOU MAY BE ABLE TO COMMENT ON THE OVERAll a/c system instead of each unit and that would save some time.

Good Luck.

It looks to be about 10 times larger than a 1500 sqft home with 1 a/c

10x larger but only about 4x or 5x more work with “4 baths, 1 kitchen, 4 water heaters, 10 HVAC” Even that will be reduced some if there is only 1 electrical panel and one roof.

for the record I got it at $ 445.00 and they didn’t even blink