Question on price

Going to inspect a 16 million dollar listing its 12000 sq ft what price should I give? It’s in Naples FL it has 8 ac units and 2 full kitchens 4 floors. Any help would be helpful thanks

In my neck of the woods (Calgary, Alberta) I charge $600. 1st 3000 square feet, .20 per additional square foot. I don’t know what your market is like but that is what I would charge. It is a big job, I inspect 1000 square feet per hour so it is likely a 12 hour job. I hope my 2 cents helps.

Ronald, don’t undersell yourself. Beside the time to inspect you have to write the report. I would be at $1500.00 if I were doing it.

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Thx Brothers I appreciate your input I was thinking 1500 myself just didn’t want to be out of line

I couldn’t imagine taking that on for less than 10k. I would subcontract out the HVAC and roof. That sounds like a lot of house and liability :thinking:

$1500 for 12,000sqft house with 8 AC units, 4 floors, how many electrical panels, heating? $16,000,000, how much are agents getting paid? that is way way low

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I would have been at around $9,750.00…depending on extras e.g. pool, sauna, water heaters, etc.

That would be in the high 4 figures and would likely include some specialist outsourcing. When they get that big and expensive, complexity goes way up. Any linear pricing scale based on square footage goes out the window.


Yup… :smile:

Larry and Chuck are correct. I miss-typed and left out a zero. As I said, don’t forget the report. I would estimate over a day just writing the report.

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Whew! Glad that happened on a post and not a quote.


Wow, I’m learning from you guys I would have said 3,600 plus fee’s for others if they want them after I inspected.
But I like you guys pricing better!
Plus you would have to get an Insurance bond just for this one.

David, schedule the other professionals at the same time so that you can get their info and incorporate it into one report. :smile:

Sounds like a smart plan!
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some of the quotes wouldn’t even cover a single or couple of bottles of dinner wine for these type clientele
very apparent many have ever been on these type properties
when the range or possibly exhaust vent are more expensive than the inspector’s vehicle
hopefully then they’ll wake up & charge accordingly
if you’re ability & reporting is even up to it & e&o provider is willing to cover

Thx for all the info think I’m going to pass on this one and get a lot experience before I take on something this big thanks again for all the input

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David Fetty is in Naples . I’d bet he would do it. @sfetty