I just got a call to do a 12,000 scf golf clubhouse. I have only done residential inspections up to this point . Can anyone give me an idea what to charge for a building this large. It has 4 restrooms, a kitchen, a proshop, 2 dining areas and offices. Any help would be appreciated.

You could quote them a “flat base rate”, then a “per hour” at the site and “per hour” for office work. Fair for all I think. If they don’t trust you, why work for them?:slight_smile:

Talk to Dale Duffy. He specializes in these kinds of inspections. I am still trying to find some decent training for them. May behoove you to hire some professionals in the various trades to do the grunt work and you write the report. Don’t short change yourself on this one! Most people charge too little starting out on Commercial properties.

Thank you for the information. I have already done 3 houses for the buyer so trust shouldn’t be an issue. I’m thinking about somewhere in the range of $1500.

usually .08 to .10c per square foot or take what you think your time in the field will be and double it because it will take the same amount of time to write a narrative report. Also ITA offers an excellent commercial inspection course that I would recommend to anyone looking to get into this field.

Scott, you’re right there on the $1500. Here in California commercial goes for .12 to .15 cents per foot. I normally bring an HVAC Contractor and Electrician depending on the equipment and service configurations. I’ve also got an excellent commerical roofing contractor who will inspect the roof with photographs.

Gross inspection fee 1500 HVAC Sub 200
Electrician - Panels only 150 Roofer 100

Net inspection fee $1050


I would charge .20 per sq. ft…$2,400.00


you are fortunate if you can get 20 cents a foot in your state, down here the average would be around 12 cents.

My bid on that inspection would be in the $1500 range.



Didn’t we get about $2,600 for one around that size?

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Commercial inspections are always more challenging and exciting. This is a pretty small club house, so the actual inspection should not take too long. Most of the areas will be open large rooms, and with the size mentioned it is probably likely to be original construction with no additions. These are easier to inspect.

The development will be host of many out buildings such as golf cart housing, maintenance sheds, and a very large sprinkler system.

The inspection will also depend on the mortgage and financing being used by the client. With older buildings some companies will want a code inspection or a roof inspection. Other inspections may include the fire suppression system in the kitchen, sprinkler system, ventilation system for the entire building, the grease trap, fire safety, parking, ADA to mention a few.

The size of the HVAC system and electrical panels may also require outside consultants.

When you prepare your proposal on this, your fee should be based on a base line visual inspection with an area listing the additional services such as the above.

If you don’t use a proposal make sure you cover these exclusions in the agreement.

The base line fee depending on age and complexity, whether the entire building is original or built on over the years should range between $2250 and $3500. In many cases with older buildings you may be called back later to conduct other inspection types as mentioned above.

Good luck.


make sure your insurance covers you for commercial inspections of that size.

$150 p/hr for me & $75 p/hr for helper. Report writing @ $85 p/hr. Then I go up or down as I feel like. For example.

In the last 3 months month we’ve done:

An out of business convenience store - size of a large 7-11 or Quick-Trip. New car dealer buying it and gutting it to make into a used car showroom, sales office. $975. Two guys on site 2.5 hours - then 2 hrs report time.

Industrial warehouse & office building. Three buildings of about 2,600 - 3,700 sf each. Two of us on-site from 9:00 AM till 12:30, then one guy on site from 1:30 till 3:30. Then about 5 hrs generating reports. $1,645

One story, Medical Office Condominium Buildings. Three attached units of 1,750 - 1,850 sf each. Two guys on site 4 hours, then 2.5 hrs report time total for all. $385 p/unit = $1,155

One church - one story, flat roof - bldg on slab - about 5,200 sf. Two guys on site 2.5 hours, report time 2.5 hrs. $1,350